Breathe in the beauty of Denton County real estate while on horseback. Get intune with Mother Nature while indulging in a scenic trail ride along pathways in the town of Corinth. Just outside of Dallas, RNR Stables leads the way through wooded areas and the water’s side on their property. Mounts are well matched to their riders by the trailhands. Inexperienced riders are made comfortable with a 30 minute tutorial prior to heading out. Other rides can be coordinated with the stable to delve into the wilderness at Lake Ray Roberts State Park and Lake Lewisville State Park. Excursions to theses parks must be scheduled two weeks in advance.

Young Equestrians Living in Denton County Saddle Up and Head Out

When not in school youngsters living in Denton County love to horse around. Parents who would rather have them being constructive instead of watching television all day can take advantage of vacation horse camps. Held during spring break, the summer season and over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays camps keep kids busy and interested. Hailed as a great confidence booster these sessions educate youngsters on the grooming and feeding of horses, teach them parts of the body and breeds. Riding time is generously paced and by time of completion these young equestrians know the ins and outs of controlling the animals and directing their movements.

Go back into time and explore the Texas frontier on this piece of Denton County real estate. At the RNR Stables a recreated town front representing the days of the Old West during the 1860’s comes to life. While meandering along Main Street visitors must stay watchful for spontaneous showdowns and shootouts between ornery critters stirring up trouble. Disturbing the peace can happen at any moment. Read more about the rambunctious days of Old West Texas here.

RNR Stables takes Texans back to their roots. The great outdoors awaits with some unwinding time. To reserve a spot in the saddle call 940.321.8880.